Good morning to you all from a wet and wintery Huntsville, Alabama. I hope this email finds you with coffee in hand and trying to find warmth and comfort. By the way, Happy Valentines – two days removed – to all you LOVERS!!!!

Last week I was unable to get out and about so my cameras sat idle waiting for me to come get them from their resting spot and take them on an adventure. I felt guilty that I was unable to do so because I so enjoy finding new things to photograph. So if you will forgive my inactivity, I would like to post an image I captured last year.

While traveling around the back roads of Tennessee last fall I came across these cars in a field and immediately jumped out to capture the scene. With the doors wide open, it gave me the sense they were beckoning anyone that passed to join them. I felt so very inclined to do so. Given the scenery and the textures, I choose to shoot it with infrared. I believe it is Auto Art at its finest!

Hopefully I will be back on the horse next week and running strong. ENJOY!!!!!!


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“Have iPhone, will iTravel!!”

Best Regards …..