I could think of no better way for me to reflect back on the past year then to take a retrospective look back at my miss-adventures of 2015. It was a year of extensive travels and as I look back nothing puts a bigger smile on my face then to visually relive all the experiences and remember all the time-shared with dear friends. It makes me realize what matters most in life!

For most of of you this comes as no big surprise, but my past year was filled with a lot of photography and travel. Highlights included a return visit to many of my favorite USA cities plus a ten day adventure to Italy. Touring Italy with my dear friends, Kelly and David Vann was a dream come true. Visiting Rome, Florence and Venice was like a visual history lesson. It was a trip for the record books! Most of my friends reference I was gone more than I was here and looking at my schedule I would have to agree. I assessed my September to December schedule and I think I was home for a total of  4 weeks. Most of my time was spent in hotels, airline seats, the drivers seat of my H3 Hummer and couch surfing with friends. The year was filled with making new friendships, as well as, the loss of dear friends. But what a year it was for new friendships and renewed frienships. They say when one door closes another one opens. What I continue to realize is how much those doors to frienships matter most in all of my travels and are the anchor that really solidify the memory. I closed the year out with my annual trips to Mesa, AZ to visit family and then on to San Diego to ring in the New Year with life long friends.

As I looked back through all of the 2015 blogs, I sit totally amazed at remembering the sites I visited and am extremely appreciative of the experiences they represent. Each blog is a reflection of what I was involved in and provides me with fond memories of that moment in time. The loss of my father this year made me an elderly orphan but his life and our time shared together is what I will continue to reflect back on and choose to do so with memories of joy and happiness.

No one knows what the future may hold and there is no promise of tomorrow so my plan is to continue to do what I do as long as GOD will allow me. I thank you all for continuing to share my visual journey with me and I know for a fact that at least “five” of you have expressed how much you look forward to the Monday morning blog and a good cup of coffee. My hope is that I while I continue to travel new and wonderful paths, with GODS blessing, and that you my dear friends and associates will continue to find some value and joy for opening my Monday morning oasis.  Enjoy and GOD Speed!


Here’s to 2016 – two months into it –  and all the Miss-Adventures life has yet to offer. I do have a camera … awaiting your call.

Once Again – Best Regards …..
And Much Love!!!!