A very happy and glorious Monday morning to you all. It was another exceptional week in the Rocket City!

This past weekend the Land Trust of North Alabama hosted the second event in its summer concert series at its managed property, historic Three Caves. It amazes me that after having hosted concerts and events at Three Caves for over ten years that there are still people living in the city and the surrounding communities that have not been to caves or are not familiar with this unique piece of property.  The question is always asked during the event of how many of those attending are first time patrons and generally a fair portion of the group raises their hands. On one had that is extremely encouraging and on the other hand you just want to ask, “How have you missed the boat for so long?”

This past Saturday evening the Land Trust was very fortunate to host the second concert of the summer series with local musician Amy McCarley (http://www.amymccarley.com/) and her band, opening up for the 6 member (three of which are siblings) North Carolina Americana rockers Delta Rae. With the cool temperatures coming out of the caves, it was a glorious evening to beat the heat with Amy and her band entertaining the crowd as they settled in for what was to be an exceptional night of music and community.


As Amy closed out her set a slight rain began to drop into the area. With any outdoor venue, the chance of having to deal with the elements and Mother Nature is ever present and this night proved to be one of those evenings. With about a 35-minute delay, the rain finally subsided and Delta Rae proved to those that stayed it was well worth getting their spirits slightly dampened. As the lights came on and the cheers of the crowd welcomed the band to the stage you could feel the excitement and energy build. The band did all they could to thank those that were back in their seats with their high energy and captivating stage presence.


I could be slightly biased but I think Three Caves could very well be the most mystical and unique venue in North Alabama if not in all of Alabama. As you walk down the graveled road entering into the bowl of the caves you begin to feel the cool temperatures emanating from the three caves and you just know you are in for a big treat. As you settled in for an evening of entertainment, the lights begin to come on and transform the venue into something very magical. All most every entertainer that plays the Caves comments on just how incredible and unique the location is.

If you live in the area and do not know about the Land Trust of North Alabama you should dig a little deeper (http://www.landtrustnal.org/). The Land Trust manages over 6300 acres and over 55 miles of trails of public land entrusted to the land conservatory for public access and use. It is amazing to think that we have some of these properties available within waling distance to the city. The Land Trusts mission is to “preserve and protect land and its legacies, including wildlife habitats, farms, historic sites, waterways, and mountains for conservation, public recreation, and environmental education to enhance quality of life in North Alabama.” They are one of the number one reasons that Huntsville always rates in the top ten of cities in the United States for outdoor recreation.

Whether it hiking, canoeing or just the need to take part in a magical evening of music, the Land Trust of North Alabama has something for just about everyone.


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