Greetings and a very happy Monday to you all. What an exceptional weekend we had in Huntsville with the spring like weather. My apologies for being tardy with todays newsletter but I am recovering from a hard day of labor working at the Microwave Dave Day event yesterday.

Over the past two weekends I have had the exceptional honor of being part of two of the biggest local musical events Huntsville has the pleasure to enjoy. Last weekend end I took part in hosting the Land Trust of North Alabama’s Three Caves Concert Series. 800 of my “closest” friend came out to support the Land Trust and listen to the Legendary Muscle Shoals Revue and the Fiddleworms. The one thing that stands out most in mind is what a magical place the caves are to experience a live concert at.

This weekend I was very fortunate to part of the Third Annual Microwave Dave Day (MDD) event that was hosted, for the first time, on the streets of downtown Huntsville. I am a Board Member on the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation (MDMEF) and we were given a thumbs up by the City of Huntsville to host our event and close off Washington Street to host the concert. It was no easy undertaking doing it all on our own but at the end of the day we all knew that the “crew of 9” had once again accomplished something extremely memorable for all that attended. The event is the namesake of the man himself – Microwave Dave Gallaher and the Foundation has taken up his mission to put music education back in the classrooms of North Alabama.

As the day progressed it was obvious, by the number of people moving through the gates, that the spring like temperature was going to favor us and potentially set a record for attendance. It did not hurt that we had two exceptional partners in Star Super Market and Discount Pharmacy along side of Humphrey’s Bar and Grill and the BOTTLE. We have been very fortunate to have partner with them for all three events. In moving the event downtown, we felt that it was one way for us to express our gratitude to the community and show our support for the City of Huntsville and all that is going on downtown. I would like to think that all in attendance might just say we accomplished that goal and so much more. Everyone in attendance mentioned how excited and elated about the new venue. We knew we had made the right choice.

Huntsville is a city with a very eclectic and diverse community and as you looked out in to the crowd you saw every facet of every culture. The crowd offered the definitive mixture of young, old and all races standing – no swaying and dancing – to the beat of every note. There was not a person in the crowd that did not have a huge smile on their face. There were kids barely able to walk in the crowd as well as a beautiful elderly lady using her walker for assistance at the front of the stage savoring every moment of every musical act that took the stage. Words cannot describe the emotion and nothing could be more gratifying or rewarding for our group than seeing the city come together.

Microwave Dave Day is in its third year and the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation was formed last year to help facilitate and further Dave’s mission of encouraging students to purse their goals and dreams. We are so extremely grateful to all of our sponsors that support our mission and to all those in attendance yesterday to enjoy some local musicians. If you did not make it out yesterday you missed, in my opinion, one of the best events that is hosted in our city. It is a day of celebration and day of “ community” where we all come together to enjoy each other and to be part of something special. I would like to think that is Huntsville’s Mini Woodstock! Also thanks to the City of Huntsville and the Huntsville Police Department for their invaluable assistance in making the day so exceptional.

All of the proceeds from yesterday’s event go to the MDMEF to further our educational mission. If you were unable to make it out yesterday, you can still help. You can go to: Or and make a donation!

“It’s only rock and roll, but I like it!” Enjoy!