Happy Tuesday morning to you all and my apologies for being a day late with my Monday morning blog. Since starting my blog of Miss-Adventures a couple of years ago I have tried to keep on the “Monday morning coffee schedule”.  The demands of travel to teach two workshops back to back, as well as, attending to some family obligations while in the Tampa Bay area prevented me from getting it out as normally scheduled.

It has been over a year since I visited Tampa. This is my first trip home to my birthplace since relocating my parents to Arizona to live with my sister and the eventual passing of my mother.  Visiting the house for the first time since those events proved to be a little difficult. Walking in, I found everything in its exact place like I would have expected it to be. While sitting at the kitchen table I had the sense as if my parents would walk around the corner any minute to join me, as they had done a thousand times in the past. Looking around at all the family photos brought back very found memories of my childhood and all that we had shared. It is a bittersweet situation remembering all the great times that we shared during those years but difficult facing the inevitable realization that I was there to start the process of letting go.

It is always exciting to come home because the landscape of Tampa Bay is ever changing. The area has so much to offer and downtown Tampa has grown up to become a very beautiful and picturesque city. With a night to spare and a need to recharge my batteries I headed out with my good friend and fellow instructor Dave Hickey in search of the prefect location to capture a night view of the city. Following the hood of the car, we were on to our next big road tripping adventure!

The city of Tampa sits on Hillsborough Bay so a water view was a must. Of course it is always the same story, racing against time and chasing the elusive fleeting moments of sunset that makes for the perfect backdrop. With no time to spare and having exhausted all too many side roads we “stumbled” onto a location. It was the perfect water view, due east of the city, with nothing but tow away zone parking. Once again we chose to tempt fate and go for the gusto. I do believe the final capture was well worth the potential of having to ask for forgiveness for our parking indiscretion.

My hometown, Tampa!

Downtown Tampa

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