How do you adjust the ole internal clock when you you are looking at the Atlantic coast in Hatteras, N.C. in the morning and find yourself looking at the Pacific coast in Seattle, WA. that evening. That is exactly what Friday December 5th had in store for me. Course a good glass of California Cabernet definitely helps with jet lag.

As luck has it, I write from the Seattle airport this morning headed home to Huntsville for a 12 hour visit. One night in my bed and then it is off to Richmond, Va. for a two day shoot and then on to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a shoot for Johnson & Johnson. Delta cookies are starting to become pretty tasty.

I leave you with one last look at Cape Hatteras at sunset and promise to provide other images as my travels continue. BUT ….. how can you not love the Outer Banks or OBX as the locals affectionately call it.

Frisco Pier

Best regards

~ dK ~