Happy Mothers day … one day removed!!!!

To each and everyone that called, text or emailed to express a concern in the aftermath of the tornado devastation in Alabama, I am extremely grateful. Given the severity of the situation last Monday in the city, as well as the state, I chose not to send out my weekly adventure. It would have been difficult at best to truly express my feelings or find something beautiful in all of the devastation that had affected the south. Please keep everyone who was affected by this tragedy in your thoughts.

With the city in the dark for most of a week, we were all challenged to find ways to pass the time during the evening hours and one of those activities became “star gazing”. It was wonderfully enchanting to see the beauty of the night without the city lights. The spring like weather and the abundant beauty of the celestial formations apparently was Mother Natures attempt at relieving our thoughts of the storm.

As the city came back to life and the weather left no hint of the previous weeks furor, I found myself with camera in hand seeking out the beauty of the evening lights. I was looking for something that reflected the beauty and resilience of the city. I kept coming back to the majestic facelift of one of the icons of the city, the Von Braun Center (named in honor of the space pioneer, Werner VonBraun) in downtown Huntsville. The newly finished entrance to the arena has a big city look and beckons one and all to enter and escape for an evening.

Big City Lights with the small town flavor of the south …. Sweet Home Alabama!!

Von Braun Center

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