Good morning to you all. Just another spectacular weekend filled with beautiful weather! Hopefully you were able to get outside and take advantage of the sun’s glorious rays.

This past week has been a week of hope and encouragement for me. I feel truly blessed to be progressing and on the road to full recovery. Things are going as well as could be expected and with each and everyday the strength and agility seems to find it’s way back with a little more promise. Many thanks to all of you that wrote, texted or called. It is very much appreciated.

I was finally able to get the cameras out and and spend a little time in the “neighborhood”. Walking around downtown and seeing the city starting to wake up and become so vibrant was very encouraging. Just getting the cameras out was a great thing, it was my “visual and mental therapy.”


Reflections are one of my favorite things to capture and Big Spring Park has so much to offer with the city as the backdrop. The buildings’ reflections morph into art creating beautiful abstracts with the water as the canvas. As the wind pushes the water, each captured image becomes it’s own unique creation. As time passes and with each click of the camera, you realize that you have created a progression of one-of-a-kind artistic statements. With the beauty of the city and the cooperation of Mother Nature, I would have to say it was a fairly wonderful outting on the road trip to recovery. It feels so very good to be “back in the saddle!”

Many thanks again for all the well wishes, I am truly humbled by all the generous love and concern! … ENJOY!!!!!


Best Regards …..
And Much Love!!!!