Back in the U.S., back in the U.S., back in the U.S. of A!!!! After a long flight home with delays, I’ve made my way back from the United Kingdom to Sweet Home Alabama.

It would take hundreds of photographs and a volume of writings to describe the experience. It was my first trip to Europe and hopefully not my last. The architecture and history of the 3 countries I visited left lasting and indelible impressions on me and it has been daunting to start cataloging the imagery that I captured over the two week visit. To think it started with an assignment to photograph a global collection of Santa’s, then time touring in Copenhagen and Sweden and finally on to England where I spent the majority of my time in Northern England and then in Windsor with the Castle and the changing of the guard.  To say the least, the trip has provided a lifetime of photographs and memories.

Part two of me journey was spent in and around Norwich, which is, described as the oldest medieval city in England. I was very fortunate to have two dear friends that lived there and were willing to take the time to show me the sights. I am truly grateful to Gill and Barry Moppett for all they did to make my trip as memorable as it could be. Norwich is a beautiful city steeped in history.  The daylong walking tour that we took on my first day left me in awe of the magnificent architecture. The very first building they took me to was the Norwich Cathedral, which began construction in 1096 and completed in 1145.  The Cathedral and art was awe-inspiring.


It was absolutely breathtaking to take the tour of the interior and the outer hallways, which are pictured above. To think that a structure like this was built almost 1000 years ago. The rest of the day was spent touring the city viewing more cathedrals, the Norwich Castle and new architecture such as the library.


Two more days were spent touring the Northern countryside and the coast and with every bend in the roads there was a new opportunity of historical significance waiting to be photographed that left me in awe.

At the end of the day, with “tea” fast approaching, Barry took me to the perfect place to capture the essence of what was an incredible road trip and “lovely” experience. Enjoy the Thurne Windmill at sunset, UK style!!!


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