They say that people loose their shirts in Las Vegas but coming home this week to the fall like weather of North Alabama, I felt like I must have lost my jacket.

With all the digital and internet distractions kids have today one could wonder whether that are ever challenged socially, mentally or physically – like the “good ole days”. They chat with their friends by text, they play video games against a machine, they become rockstars with PS II without ever learning a chord and they participate in “fantasy” sports not ever knowing what a football feels like. What has happened to the good ole board or card games or the mud and grass stained pig skin afternoons?

Recently I had the opportunity to do a catalog shoot for one of the largest manufacturer’s and supplier’s in the world of Chess products and they are right here in the Tennessee valley – The House of Staunton. They have the official distinction of being the exclusive equipment provider of the United States Chess Championship and official supplier to the United States Chess Federation. The goal of the shoot was to shoot images with a more current theme … wanting to make Chess a little more “mainstream and hip” if you will. Course I would be remiss if I did not tell you I was on the chess team when I was in middle school and … pretty good. Go figure!

During the shoot one young gentleman caught my eye with his look, his enthusiasm and his infectious smile and laugh. I had an image in mind that I wanted to capture and asked the art director if we could try something. I said to her ,”there is nothing like a winner.” We gathered up the largest trophy we could find and asked Samuel just to try and hold it. As he struggled with the weight of the trophy his personality shined through and the attached image is all Samuel. The image has “CHECKMATE” written all over it.


Back at home and loving every minute of it.!!! If you are looking for stock images, corporate or residential art, contact me … with all of my recent travels you just never know what I might have in store for you.

Best regards
~ dK ~