Happy Monday to you all! It looks like we may be in for another week of sunshine but the weatherman is hinting at the Big Chill by the end of the week.

With all the rain we have had this month, it would be a natural assumption that all of the creeks and rivers would be overflowing and that all of the waterfalls in Northern Alabama would be raging. There is nothing more beautiful to see than water cascading over or down a creek or river. Like snow, waterfalls were one of those natural phenomenon that I had little opportunity to experience while growing up in Florida.

I was able to take advantage of a couple opportunities this past week and travel to High Falls in DeKalb County. High Falls was one of the very first waterfalls that I discovered when I moved to Alabama and you basically had to be lost to find it back then. Located on Town Creek, the waterfall is now part of a local park that provides easy access to the falls. The falls itself is 35 feet tall and about 300 feet across. The centerpiece of the falls is a natural rock bridge with a large arch, at the base, created by the many years of water flow over he falls.

My first of two trips last week was scheduled around a 1-1 mentoring program I am offering this year for individuals wanting to expand their photographic expertise. With student in tow, Ms. Laura Ragland, we made our journey through Guntersville State Park, Bucks Pocket State Park and on the High Falls. Even though the visit to the falls provided for some great instruction, I felt that we had arrived a little late in the day for an optimum photographic visit. I felt that there were better images to be captured if we had arrived at the falls earlier in the day. With that in mind I was able to work in a second visit and this time Mother Nature did not disappoint. Arriving early, and accompanied by fellow photographer Misty Riddle, we were greeted by a raging waterfall that was showcasing a beautiful rainbow. The rainbow had taken up residence between the falls and the natural bridge. To say the least, the timing was perfect and the view was picture perfect. For additional information on the falls, you can go to: http://www.seehighfalls.com



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