Happy Day after Mothers Day! Given the weatherman’s prediction for a weekend full of rain, it appears that someone had something else in mind to help celebrate and recognize Mothers. This past weekend was just absolutely stellar!

Mothers Day gives me further reason to give thanks for my mother and all that she did to make me who I am today. Although she passed away almost three years ago, there is not a day that goes by that something doesn’t remind me of her, whether it is her kind eyes, her beautiful smile or her infectious laugh. She was always caring, always patient but most importantly always supportive.

Mom loved being outdoors whether she was tending to her flowers, hanging clothes on the clothesline or just enjoying the Florida sunshine. It seems she was always doing something but she could always find time to sit in the swing in the backyard and talk about the days’ activities. Flowers always remind me of her.


As I spent the day basking in the wonderful weather, I thought of all my friends who have lost their mothers and all I could do was hope that they too were rejoicing in the fond memories of the time they had spent together. And for all my friends that still have their mothers, I could not help but think how wonderful it is for them to have this day to celebrate.

With the day coming to a close, I stopped in time to catch the sun slowing disappearing in the west. As I looked skyward, I glanced to the east at a massive array of clouds bathed in the warm light of the setting sun. As they drifted to the north the moon peeked out from behind them. I just had to think it was a sign indicating, “that someone was looking down on me.”

Happy Mothers Day!!


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~ dennis keim ~