One week back in Huntsville and the heat is grueling. Thank god that all of my shoots have been in-doors. I wish you a “Cool One” for the week ahead.

It is difficult at best to keep in touch with clients while on travel but even more so to find time for family and friends… exactly why the dK Blog was started.  On my return to Huntsville I have had the opportunity to not only reconnect with my clients but also to find time to catch up with some very dear friends. I say all of this because I realized just how wonderful, how important and how valuable their friendships are.  How appreciative we all should be for those special moments that we share we those that enhance our lives. It really is … all about relationships!

I was reminded of a photograph that I shot while touring on the island of Ocracoke, NC and how much the photo brought back memories of my of my childhood friendships that have influenced my adult relationships.

Two friends out for a watering stroll, lost in their own world of adventure  and most likely discussing what the future holds in store for  them – enjoy!!

Silver Lake Harbor

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~ dK ~