I am not sure that anyone looks forward to Monday but after the week I had, I was more than thankful to wake up and know it was the beginning of a new week. Last week was an affirmation that you should never take anything for granted and live everyday.

At the first of the year I look forward to doing a workshop in Peoria, IL. Not so much because the workshop occurs during height of winter but more so because of the road trip I make from Chicago Midway to Peoria. The interstate in some parts follows the old Route 66 and cuts through the heartland of the rural mid west. The landscape and scenery is what “Americana” is all about. I particularly look forward to getting off the interstate in Odell, IL and chasing around the back roads. Odell’s “slight claim to fame” is it is an established rural community along Route 66. It has all the personality of a small Midwest town with the gas stations, train stations and farms. The one very particular view that sets Odell apart is they have embraced wind turbines and that dot the horizon as far as the eye can see. Wind Turbines are very majestic odd creatures jetting skyward and at first glance seem so out of place. But in time they take on their own personality and some how just seem to fit!!

So with that said, I give you a little taste of Americana and Odell IL!!

Odell Illinois

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