For those that are wondering, I am back. Actually I never left. It seems the number one question I am continually asked is, ” How long are you here for – this time?” I am guessing that my travels back and forth to the Outer Banks and beyond have a few people confused about where I lay my hat at night. Travel and “road tripp’n exploration” is just part of my agenda these days. I am in Huntsville, my photography business is in Huntsville and my residence is in Huntsville.  So I am “here”, well, at least until the next plane and client takes me away!!!!

You know that for those of us that live in Huntsville there are so many historical and iconic attractions that define this city and give it its personality and character. We have strong roots with national historical significance that set us apart from most other southern cities. I would argue that there has been no bigger accomplishment then the significant role this city and its residents played in mans quest for space exploration.

If that is the case then there is no bigger tribute to those accomplishments then the US Space and Rocket Center. By its very specific iconic nature, it pays homage to all of those great accomplishments. And what an incredible sight it is to behold. How much more iconic can you get? Here is to the visual majesty of that center!!!!!

US Space Rocket Center

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