Another gray Monday and most of you find yourself back at work in the comfort of your office. For others, the decision on what to do on such a gloomy day looms. For all of us, thank goodness for a good cup of java.

We are so blessed in this area with the all the beauty that surrounds us, which includes the mountains, rivers and lakes. Given the fabulous weekend we had last week, I would hope that you were out taking advantage of the glorious weather. The trails and lakes looked like natures’ freeways with all the hikers and boaters out in mass.

I was fortunate not to have anything on the books last weekend, so with camera in hand, I headed out traveling a few back roads of Northern Alabama looking for that picture perfect spot. Of course, I am somewhat a creature of habit and I do have my favorite spots that I continually migrate back to. With all the rain last week I knew that all of the rain dependent waterfalls would be raging. While traveling those back roads, the hood of the car always find its’ way back to those spots.

On Saturday, I found myself driving and hiking the trails and photographing. And on Sunday, through the gracious invitation of Jeff and Sonya Enfinger I found myself hiking the trail to McMullen Falls in McMullen Cove with a wonderful group of residents. So the weekend was filled with beautiful weather and wondrous places to focus my artistic desire and actually do something healthy outdoors.

With all the beauty of the weekend, the photographic highlight once again was the waterfall in Union Grove that I find myself continually migrating to on my photographic and reflective journeys.  ENJOY!!!!!

Union Grove Waterfall

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