So it is the last day of January and for a brief moment this past weekend I thought I saw something that looked vaguely familiar like the sun. I think I actually felt some warmth other than what is being generated by my space heater. It appears, though, that Mother Nature still has a little more of that thing called winter in store for us.

I know this may come as a surprise but for most people that know me, know that I still love what I do and each day I look forward to a new photographic challenge. You could not be in this business for as long as I have if you did not still have the love and passion for your work.  I believe most would say, having seen my portfolios, there is not much that has not found it’s way in front of my camera over those thirty years. I think I am addicted to hearing the sound of a shutter click.

This past week I had the very fortunate opportunity to collaborate on a fashion project with one of the most talented make-up artists I know, Ms Sylvia Smith. Sylvia has opened a new business in Huntsville and wanted to up date her portfolio and create some new looks to grace her office walls. She is like my EF Hutton of make-up artistry, when she talks, I listen. Over the years she and I have collaborated on many artistic endeavors and I knew that this reunion would be no exception. As luck would have it, a good friend and model, April Berardi was coming into town to shoot so it just seemed it was meant to be.

The true beauty, if you will, of a project like this is it all about the “team”.  Three pieces of a puzzle when brought together combine beauty, artistry and talent into one vision. With music blasting loudly, lights flashing brightly and the creative juices flowing, I offer up one of the final results.

Black Widow

I am looking forward to a very busy week ahead. If you are looking at a potential future photographic project, please do not hesitate to call. If you are in need of stock imagery or art for corporate or private collection, I am no further away than an email or phone call!!!!

Best regards ……….