A very happy Monday morning to you all! Where has the summer gone? Today marks the first day of October and the beginning of the winter season. It is possible that we will be begging for the warmer days that we will soon be leaving behind.

September is my birthday month and over the last couple of weeks I have been extremely fortunate to be able to celebrate it with a multitude of activities. My philosophy on birthdays is at this age, if you are being asked to celebrate your day it lasts as long as the invitations continue. My birthday started out doing what I love to do with a day of photography and model shoot and continued with a shared “September birthday’s” party, dinners and more photography shoots. My sister jokingly questioned the continual celebration by stating on Facebook that I was “spoiled” but I would prefer to think that I am truly blessed to have a number of friends that expressed their love and willingness to help me celebrate my day. Thank you to everyone that has wished me well and shared the love over the last two weeks.

This past weekend I spent time celebrating with a Thursday photo shoot in Brentwood, TN with the amazing beauty Gwendolyn Sweet and then having dinner with two friends in Nashville, Tn. Friday was another dinner and then on Saturday I took a drive up to Cleveland, TN to spend the weekend with my dear friends Lyle and April Johnson. I could think of no better way to “semi” close out the celebration by photographing with April (who has modeled for me for years) and hanging out with them. It was a weekend to be remembered.

Saturday was an extremely beautiful day in the neighborhood and as I was driving north I knew that I was going to have to stop in South Pittsburg to capture the iconic “Blue Bridge” against the majestic backdrop of beautiful clouds and blue skies. To say the least it was the perfect view and I was not disappointed!

From there I headed on to Cleveland to hook up with April, as our plan was to head up to the Ocoee and shoot at a waterfall that we had recently visited. Our visit, a couple of weeks back, was cut short due to a magnitude of onlookers and the lost of light as the sun set behind the mountains. Our arrival plan for this day was perfect and we were able to accomplish what we came for. Sunday we spent shooting more images for her and my portfolios around her house using her husband’s corvette.

With my mission completed, I headed home and as I neared Scottsboro I realized that is was going to be a beautiful evening with the setting sun. I decided to head to another of my favorite “road tripp’n” spots, a local park with an overlook in Section AL that offers an amazing view of the Tennessee River. I arrived just in time as the sun was settling in on the horizon.

As I stood on the cliffs and photographed the setting sun, I realized that this was going to be the perfect ending to the perfect couple of weeks. It was the “icing on the cake” accentuating how true a blessing it has been sharing my birth date with dear friends and celebrating friendships. Many thanks – to ALL! Enjoy!!!!