Top of the morning to you and Happy “Post” St Patty’s day to ya! I hope the luck of the Irish found you over the weekend and that all your friends are “green” with envy!!!

I think I am starting to sound like the welcome wagon for our glorious city of Huntsville, AL but when the weather is this beautiful how could one not feel so inclined. The past two weekends have been, pardon the pun, “Picture Perfect!” Downtown comes alive on the weekend. You will find everyone in the park napping, picnicking, feeding the fish, frolicking and taking advantage of the establishments with outdoor seating. It is very much like the city has come out of hibernation from our chilling winter.

Right now Big Spring Park is radiating with the cherry blossom trees in full bloom. The really make the park come alive. If you do make it down to the park, take some bread, stand by the edge of the pond and watch the colorful spectacle of the “fish parade” that passes by. No need to rush, it continues all day long!!! Big Spring Park, Space City USA – ENJOY!!!

Big Spring Park

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