Could it be any worse with torrential downpours and record heat waves all over the country? I think my best friends these days will be ones with boats and lots of libations.

I think one of the things that I relish the most as I have matured as a person and a photographer is that fact that I have slowed down (no pun intended) and started to look more closely at all of my surroundings. I am not sure if is a curse or a blessing to have a photographers eye because I never leave home without it. Nor do I ever leave home without my cameras. No wonder that the Outer Banks have become one of my favorite spots to shoot. There is beauty everywhere you turn.

While shooting with a model on the island this past weekend I kept noticing a group of flower next to the sea fences. As the sun sets in behind them, they began to glow with all these beautiful colors. Normally, in years past, it might have been something that I would have not given more than a mental thought to but it just seems that I now tend to find beauty in the most simple of things.

The Black Eyed Susan’s grow naturally and freely on the island. They seem to go relatively unnoticed in their natural setting until the right moment occurs. At that point you just have to stop and marvel at their simplistic beauty – “Smell the Black Eyed Susan’s” – if you will.

Black Eyed Susan

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