I am back in Huntsville and enjoying all the beauty the city has to offer. With a great week of shooting last week, I am looking forward to what August has to offer.

No matter where I travel the one question that gets asked the most is, “where are you from?”  When I tell them Huntsville, Alabama … I generally get “You’re from Allll-aaaaa-bammmm-a?” For those of us who reside here you know exactly how that sounds.  I then feel completely compelled “to attempt” to dispel all of the many southern myths they have about the city and state. I use to do that by giving them the facts on Huntsville …… 2nd largest research park in the U.S., 4th in the world, highest per capita of PhD’s in the south and so on and so on. But with today’s technologically gifted world there is no need for words, I just pull out my IPhone and show them a gallery of photographs of the wonderful beauty and technology the city and the area has to offer.

Once they have seen a few images like the one below of the Adtran campus in Cummings Research Park, nothing more is needed. Enjoy!!


Please do give me a call or send an email if you have an upcoming photographic assignment,
Best regards and have a great week …..

~ dK ~