This week’s blog is an anniversary of sorts for me. It was one year ago that my pictorial journey started via my “Mis-Adventures”. In that period of time I have had the pleasure of sharing some memorable moments and places with all of you that have been so very gracious to welcome, my art and my thoughts. It would be easy to reflect on my career and get lost in the memories of an even longer journey that has brought me to this place in my life. My college years and my beloved professor, mentor and friend, Don Bishop, my many photographic accomplishments with NASA and now with what is so affectionately referred to as… “Life after NASA.” Ten years beyond I continue to have allot to be thankful for, my incredible clients, my dear friends and the daily thought that there is still so much more ahead to experience.

Another part of the anniversary to celebrate, a yearlong journey sharing my thoughts, dreams, visions and aspirations with my girlfriend, Cheryl. She compliments my life and (somehow) has the patience to accept and understand my personal and artistic idiosyncrasies. Who would have “thunk” that would ever happen? Most were betting on hell freezing over before I found the last missing piece to the puzzle.

To the beauty that now surrounds me! Ms. Cheryl on the Dry Lake Bed in Prim, Nevada just out of reach of the bling and glow of the city lights of Las Vegas.

Beauty and Grace ….. complimented by Mother Nature.

Beauty In Flight

I am out on the road but, as with any trip, no further away than an email or a phone call!!!

Best regards …
~ dK ~