How fickle Mother Nature can be. Last week was almost fall like and this week, blazing heat and humidity. They say …. if you are not happy with the weather in Alabama,  just stick around … it is always changing.

Speaking of Mother Nature, after finishing a shoot in Decatur, Al I took the opportunity to stop by a friend’s house to do a little catching up. While sitting on her back deck, which is directly on the Tennessee River, we watched in awe as one of those typical summer thunderstorms approached from the west. With its dark and billowy clouds, it moved ever so threatening towards us. The forceful and continual changing cloud formations were daunting but luckily for us, the storm stayed to the north of the river. Every so often we would hear the thunder and see a lightning burst, I think just so “she” could remind us of  “her” dangerous powers. As the storm past by and the sun broke through for one last glimpse, I thought just how fickle Mother Nature really can be but how wonderful the reward.

As we sat and watched the golden glow to the west, a beautiful collaboration between man and Mother Nature occurred, providing a very spectacular curtain call for the day.  Steam from the reactors at Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant rose into the sky as if to say … “We can have balance and We can compliment each other.” The plant is the very first one built and maintained by the Tennessee Valley Authority ( and is named after a ferry that once operated at the site.

How majestic the view … how wonderful to have balance in life.

Browns Ferry

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Best regards and have a great week ….. ~ dK ~