Good morning to you all and greetings from Tampa Bay where I am beginning the second week of a two-week road trip! If you were to attempt to track my travels with stick pins, yarn and a map you would have a very interesting mixture of crisscrossing points of destination!!!

In giving thought to this weeks photo blog art, a phrase comes to mind from the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy awakens from her trials and tribulations to the startled realization, “Perhaps happiness can be found looking no further than your own back yard or in your own heart, mind and soul. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.”

While staying at a friends’ house in Tampa and providing tutorial instruction during a private shoot I decided to take in a moment of repose to walk outside and appreciate the last remaining rays of the sunset, only to walk upon the scene that lay at lakes edge. As I looked across the lake, I thought to myself, what a magical place. How fortunate they were to have such a serene and wonderful setting as their backyard. I have no doubt that they have enjoyed the view more times than I can imagine but it does bring to mind the thought of “is the grass greener” on the other side. As we travel from place to place to find our hearts serenity could it not be that we are already at that place and we need to look no further than our own backyard. I for one continue to ask myself that very question but find that I am never content with the answer, so I continue to travel in hopes of one day finding my own “backyard!”

It is with sincere gratitude that I want to thank my good friends David and Kelly for providing me the opportunity to enjoy the serenity of a place that they aptly call their backyard. ENJOY!!!!


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