Good morning to you all and welcome to another week of “My Miss-Adventures”. It was another beautiful week in the neighborhood.

What an exceptional evening last Thursday turned out to be for the Green Street Farmers Market and the downtown Art Stroll. The weather could have not been more perfect and those of us that got out were treated to a fall like evening.  I first made my way through the market to buy my “weekly standard” of tomatoes, cheese crisps and chocolate chip cookies and then off I went to the Art Stroll.

As I made my way through and around the crowds and tents I could not help but think what a great thing for the city to do to get people “back” downtown. The crowd was the perfect mixture of young and old, the vendors both emerging, as well as, established artists and the music …. Well, the music; there could have been nothing more contrasting in culture and time than the two groups playing.

On the south side of the square you had the Log Cabin String Band with banjo, fiddle, dulcimer and guitar playing a collection of traditional style of Southern Appalachian music, nestled under the branches of a large Oak tree. With the old courthouse looming in the background, you might say it was the perfect setting for this toe tapping music.

And on the west side of the Courthouse steps, under the guise of a Confederate soldier statue with musket in hand, was a three-piece group showcasing a violinist, drummer and guitarist playing a very spirited mixture of classically infused urban grooves. The Unknown Lyric are from Atlanta, GA and are an extremely talented group of young African-American musicians.

As I stood there mesmerized by their melodic groove, reflecting back on the southern sounds I first encountered,  I could not help but think what an incredible opportunity to have experienced two totally diverse musical cultures, one embracing the past and one forging forward to the future.  Given the nature of the location and the venue, you could not help but feel that the two genres were the perfect contrast for the stroll. It just fit!

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