A Very Happy Monday morning to you all. When in Alabama, the weather is ever changing.

This past week I was invited to submit some of my architectural photographs for an international magazine competition. The cool thing about the photo submissions are they have to be in black and white and of a very artistic nature. I was truly excited to look back through some of the images I have captured during my travels and even more so to see how they would translate from color to black and white. It started out to be somewhat of a daunting task but I decided to focus on some of my more recent trips and images that I felt would hopefully lend themselves to a more definitive artistic statement.

Looking through one of my more recent trips to San Diego, I came across a capture of a building downtown where the clouds where being reflected in its mirrored windows. Once I translated it to black and white it took on a totally ominous and different appearance. You can literally see clouds mimicking faces and figures.

During a second trip to the west coast, my friends Tom and Nancie took me up to Ramona, CA to hike around Southerland Dam. The Dam is visually impressive with its seventeen curved arches between eighteen buttresses that extends 161 feet over the creek and is 1240 feet wide. The repetitive nature and water markings on the buttress make for a very visual and iconic black and whites artistic photograph.

Thinking back to my first trip to Austin TX, I remembered that my dear friend Don, took me on a tour to the Texas State Capital and just how amazing the architectural design was. The entire complex is extremely impressive and known for its documentary portrayal of the rich history of Texas. I was in total amazement viewing the outside until we ventured in and saw the magnificent rotunda with the Star of Texas at the center point. I stood there in awe looking at the structure and complexity. It was truly breathtaking and when translated to black and white takes on a totally different perspective with an extremely artistic flare.

One of the great things about this walk down memory lane is a reminder to me of just how blessed I have been to have experienced all the wonderful things I have seen and been able to capture over my career as a professional photographer. I hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you. I also hope you will continue to enjoy my Miss-Adventures along with me as we travel down the highways and byways together. All of my art is available for private and corporate collection. I would be proud to share it with you.