Ho Ho Ho ! I hope your Christmas was a special time spent with family and friends and that Santa. Whether you were naughty or nice I hope Santa was very generous to you. With the presents unwrapped and the food consumed, we now set our sights on the celebration of our coming New Year.

I was fortunate enough to get to spend Christmas with my father, my sister and her family in Mesa, Arizona. My initital time is spent shopping for all my neices and nephews and the rest of the time I spend eating to sustain my shopping stamina. My doctor is never too happy when I travel.

The second part of the Arizona holiday tradition is to get out and capture the beauty of the area and take in the fresh air. Both are plentiful. As in most cases a beautiful sunset is never far from the horizon. And is my luck, I picked one of the more perfect nights to go sunset hunting.


As we near the celebration of the New Year nothing says it more than color and bling. I was fortunate enough to come across a minor celebration of color while touring the Meza Park and realized this was a pre-color head tilt to the celebration that I would enjoy with friends as I travel to San Diego for the New Year. It spoke volumes and I was again excited to know that that I would once again welcome in the new year with best friends in California Happy New Years Eve and I wish you well for 2015!



I hope you have enjoyed Season # 5 of my Miss-Adventures. I know I have enjoyed sharing my travels and exploits with you! Word is the blog has been picked up for a 6th season.

Best Regards …..
Happy New Years!!!!