My apologies for this being a short blog this week but I am on travel in Columbus, OH instructing at a photographic workshop. We have been knee deep in it and as such, have not really had anytime to get out in the city to capture its essence.  So my blog this week will be more about an upcoming event and my apologies in advance, to all of the ladies, for this year’s photographic representation for College football season.

It is that time of year when ladies become football widows. Preseason NFL football is well under way and College Football is just around the corner. For those of us that live in the south, there is nothing that compares to the SEC or the rivalry of Auburn – Alabama. The fans are hard core and “True Blue” or “Crimson” as the case may be. I grew up in Florida, my family is from Athens, GA so I never received anything that was not Red, had a big G or a Dog face on it. My allegiance early on was for the Georgia Bull-Dawgs and still is. When I moved to Alabama I had the pleasure and honor of documenting the last four years of Coach Paul Bear Bryant’s career and slowly moved over to the “dark side” with my fan vote and state allegiance.

Nonetheless, it is that time of year for my annual college football photograph. Many thanks to IFBB pro fitness model, Jackie Swain and to my MUA, Ms. Sylvia Smith for doing such an exceptional job!!!

Dare I say it …… Roll Tide Roll!!!

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Best regards ………. dK