For those of us in the Tennessee Valley, last week was an unbelievable showcase of fall colors. Everywhere you turned the muted colors from the previous week had turned up the volume.  It was a visible spectacle of glowing neon leaves, somewhat akin to switching from  “analog TV to High Definition – HD!”

With all of the color and falling leaves signifying the arrival of Autumn and the beginning of winter … you knew that Halloween had to be right around the corner. Ghouls and Goblins roaming the streets trying to get a sugar fix … Can’t get enough of those M&M’s!!!! The ultimate trick or treat or known today in some areas as trunk and treat. That would have been a great concept during my high school days when we went to see “The Night of the Living Dead” at the drive in theatre. Sweet treats in the Trunk.

Halloween means Hallows Eve (the eve before the Day of the Dead), and is celebrated on the 31st of October. Its origin is Celtic dating back almost 2,500 years.  All Saints Day (November 1) is known as The Feast of All Saints, which is considered a holy day of the Church set aside to honor all, saints, known and unknown.

Two times a year I find myself drawn to and captivated by the beauty of the spectacle of color in Maple Hill Cemetery. In the spring the Dogwoods blossom and in the fall the Maple trees show out with their multitude of colors. I thought it very fitting that the attached image captures all that is Autumn and  a reflection of  All Saints Day.

Maple Hill Cemetary

I am out on the road again but, as always, no further away than an email or a phone call!!!

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