We are on the road to recovery in the state and we can be very thankful to any and all of the volunteers that have stepped forward to assist those in need.  It has been very heart warning to hear the many stories of survival in the face of devastation.

There have been a few changes at dK-studio and the biggest one is we have a NEW phone number. The number is 256-970-9202. If by chance we do not answer, you can always email us at either of the addresses – dennis@dk-studio.com or dkeos1@mac.com.  Please update your contact information for us.  We look forward to hearing from you with any future projects you may have.

During one of my recent road trips I spent a half-day in the city of Guntersville and found myself on a levy, east of the city, looking at the backside of a food processing plant, which has seen better days. I was drawn to the rusted metal, the color and textures and the many structural formations made by the tubular chutes used to load the materials. I was extremely intrigued by the abstract nature in the details of the plant. Here is a montage of some of those images.


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