With a road trip that covered two weeks and two thousand miles behind me, I find myself home, once again able to sleep in my own bed. What a wonderful way to see the country by driving but that is allot of time and miles to sit in the saddle. From Huntsville it was on to Atlanta, Tampa, Treasure Island, St. Petersburg, Orlando and Pensacola and then the trek home. I left Alabama just as the leaves were changing and again missed the full beauty of why I love this area so much, a change in seasons.

It was a very fruitful trip juggling my time between workshops, family obligations and friends. With each and every trip I find that my time with long lost friends continues to be the most gratifying reward. The time our conversations were split between what was current in each other’s lives (age, family and business) and relieving the past – as far as what we can remember. I am sure all of the stories are somewhat embellished at this juncture in our lives. Catching up with high school and college class mates while in Tampa took on a whole new importance with the advent that I may not be going back as often as I did while my parents lived there.

While on this two-week journey there was plenty to see and capture “on film”. I spent a fair amount of time running around the Tampa Bay area and shooting at places I had rarely visited while growing up there. On my trip home I decided to stop in the Pensacola – Perdido area and visit a dear friend whom I had not seen in a few years.  We had been trying to catch up for some time but schedule conflicts kept us from doing so.  As is always the custom when I visit, sushi was a must for dinner and she took me to a new restaurant called Jellyfish.

The next morning I left knowing I had all day to arrive home so I decided to photographically take advantage of the beautiful day. Jetting in and out of a few marinas, I was amazed by the infestation of jellyfish in the harbors. I had read about it but until you see them in mass it is hard to grasp.  Like any tourist I took my fair amount of jellyfish photographs and marveled at the majestic beauty of these creatures as they just drift with the tide.

Jelly Fish

With my quota of jellyfish photos taken, I headed back to the car only to be captivated by a group of butterflies nestling in on one of Florida’s tropical plants.  Like the jellyfish, the butterflies were there in mass.  I have been schooled enough, through responses to my blogs, to know that if I am not 100% totally correct on the identification of a flower or butterfly, I need to ask for assistance. Course it does assure me that at least a few of you actually are reading what I write. So for all of you, more versed than I, lend a guy a helping hand with “ID’s”.

With all that I had captured during my journey, I found this image to be a captivating moment of simplicity full of beauty, color and grace so, please Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

Perdido Butterflies

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