A very good Monday morning to you all. Hope yours was a wonderful weekend. My weekend was spent relaxing by the pool and enjoying my down time with friends. It was a much-needed relief from my last two weeks of running hard.

It has been a little difficult for me to get out and about and have some personal time to shoot. With the ever changing weather and all the rain we have had, it makes planning the day a little more difficult. Of course with the rains come clouds and with the clouds come beautiful and amazing sunsets. I had an opportunity to get out one day and chase the sunset and I was extremely glad I did. It only takes a moment like this to reset the clock and make you realize that all you need to do is step back, take a deep breath and appreciate all of God’s gifts.

I hope you do not mind the briefness of the post but I hope the beauty of the sunset makes up for it …. Enjoy!!!!