Good morning and welcome to another wonderful week in Alabama – the land of the wet and the wild. It has been an interesting week with all the rain and storms. As we pause to give thought to all that sustained damage, my hope is that you weathered it well!

Alabama is such a beautiful scenic state and it comes as no surprise that Huntsville looms large with all the beauty the city has to offer. During the winter months we are treated to some of the most amazing sunsets all around the state and luckily, we experience our fair share of that beauty locally.

It should come as no surprise that, like most, I have a true affinity for the experience of those beautiful moments and capturing sunsets. There is no better way to close out your day and what better way to stop and gather your zin while experiencing Mother Natures beauty! Last week, between all the storms, I was able to get out and find a few minutes to stop, regroup and enjoy one of those magnificent moments.

For those wondering about the location, my secret in-town but “not so secret spot” is the pond at Brahan Springs. During the months that are favorable to spend time outdoors I have found myself sitting there with camping chairs and a bottle of wine just taking in the moment and enjoying a break in the hustle and bustle of my day and weeks activities. How wonderful it is to stop and “smell the roses and the view”.

The spot has so much to offer in experience and photographic potential. Huntsville has a lot of photographic vistas and this is just one of many. The fact that the pond offers a photographic visual to mimic the sky is even more inviting. I have taken note of the abstract reflections that occur during the sunset that create a work of art that I am drawn to. Unknowingly, years ago I began capturing images of reflections and now have an extensive collection of these abstract art images from all of my travels. During this sunset I was able to once again take advantage of a few visual opportunities to capture abstract reflections.

Sweet Home Alabama – Enjoy!!!!