How is it that Mother Nature knows it is football season. This weekends’ weather was just absolutely perfect and what better way to continue the party then to have big wins by the University of Alabama and University of Georgia. Roll Tide – Go Dawgs!!

Last week I had to go to Chattanooga for the day and with some time to spare, choose to do some sightseeing. I drove up to the top of Lookout Mountain and stopped at Point Park, the site of the infamous “Battle Above the Clouds” which involved Gen. Ulysses S. Grant and Gen. William T. Sherman from the Union and Gen. Braxton Bragg from the Confederate Army of Tennessee. As I stood at the point on top of the mountain overlooking Chattanooga, I could only image what the view below me looked like in 1863. While standing and overlooking Chattanooga and the Tennessee River, there is little doubt as to the importance of this position atop Lookout Mountain.

The ultimate defeat of Gen. Bragg and the Confederate Army eventually opened the South and gave way to Sherman’s Atlanta campaign and his “March to the Sea”. As the say, “the rest is history.” Little remains to remind us of that time in history but the Battles for Chattanooga Museum and the Canons along the ridge. Of course what better way to commemorate your historical visit then to stop by the very historic Rock City with its memorable Rock City Bird Houses.

Time has forgotten all that occurred and Chattanooga has moved forward as a very thriving southern city with a spectacular skyline seen from Lookout Mountain.  The view is breathtaking.

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