Happy New Year to each and everyone and best wishes for a wonderful 2014!!! Of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention my disappointment in the losses in the college football season my two favorite teams, Georgia and Alabama.  My 2014 wish is for Auburn to take care of business and bring the trophy home to Alabama one more year! WDE!!!!!

I could think of no better way to start off the New Year then to take a retrospective look back on the past year and all that it offered. There were trials and tribulations and there were triumphs! All in all, when I think back on the year, nothing but a big smile comes to my face.

The two biggest questions asked of me last year were; “How long are you in town for?” and “Are your blog photographs for sale?” The easy one to answer was , “Yes, all of my photographs are for sale” and my standard reply for travel, “I’m here until the next phone call takes me somewhere else!” I am happy to say that both travel and sales had a stellar year. Hopefully the trend will continue in 2014 thanks to all of you!!!! New and Re-newed friendships were also high on the list for 2013.

My past year was filled with photography and travel and included my very first trip to Europe (Yes I know my first .. but not my last). I was very fortunate to share that outting with a mulitple of global Santa Claus’s, my good friend Stanta – Stan Miller and get to take in some history like none other with my dear friends Gill and Barry. As well, my domestic travel offered new sites and new freindships which I am so thankful for. The year was capped off with the realization and celebrations that myself, as well as, a large majority of my school mates hit a magical milestone of years living. Most of us thought we would never make it this far and I would guess that most of us would have taken better care of ourselves if we had been able to foresee the future. Well actually, if the truth were known, my guess would be to do it all over again with no regrets! Word is, it is the New 40!

As I looked back through all of the 2013 blogs, I  sit amazed at the sites and experinces that they reflect. Highlights of the year included oceans, beaches, sunsets, cityscapes, travel, beautiful women, Santas and stellar scenic settings. Each and every blog is a refelction of what I experienced and reaquaints me with a fond memory of that moment in time. The unfortunate news and good news is, there was so many other photographic opportunities that did not make it to the pages of one of those 52 blogs. The hardest part of the job is deciding what to feature and what to write. Many a Sunday night I have sat up well past the bewitching hour trying to come up with something of substance. I can honestly say that when I started my blog in 2009 I had no idea what the future would hold or how the blog would be received but thanks to the growth of the Monday morning coffee followers, your comments have kept me moving forward in attempting to add a litlle sunshine to your day and week. I would be remise if I did not mention my dear friend and collegue, “Photographer Extrodanaire” Mr Kevin May for giving me inspiration and setting me on this path of anxiety and delight!


As I “reflect” back on all that 2013 afforded me I can only slightly invision what 2014 may hold. My wish is  that I while I travel new and wonderful paths you will continue to be my “wing men and women!”  Here’s to one and all enjoying and embracing all that the new year has to offer!!!!! Enjoy the first sunset of 2014 and all that the new year has to promise !!!!!!!!!!


I hope you have enjoyed Season # 4 of my Miss-Adventures and with this blog, we start Season # 5.

Once Again – Best Regards …..
Happy New Years!!!