A very wonderful Monday morning to you! For the most part we were able to experience a very delightful weekend here in north Alabama.

Thursday evening I took a drive up to Chattanooga, TN to see blues artist Samantha Fish play at Songbirds Guitar Museum. The museum hosts a sizable collection of over 1,700 guitars with 375 “American made one of a kind” Fender guitars valued at over $ 20 million dollars. Samantha put on an amazing show surrounded by the many musical testaments to her art that were housed in the many display cases.

On Sunday I decided to venture out to downtown Huntsville and take advantage of the warm spring like weather. We had been on a roll for consecutive rain soaked weekends and Sunday finally offered a day of relief. As I began to look for parking spaces I realized that I was not alone in my desire to take advantage of the day. Hundreds of people had made their way down to the park to enjoy the day and the spring like weather.

As I walked around the park lagoon I noticed many families with kids and dogs enjoying picnics and outdoor activities. There were quite a few people riding bikes, many of which were the blue Zagster rental bikes you find placed throughout downtown for rent. But for most of us it was foot power that had us moving from place to place.

Once I had made the “circle” around Big Spring lagoon I headed west via the tunnel to enjoy the trees that had blossomed and to check out the rest of the canal as it heads west into the 1,500 foot expansion that ends at Rotary Plaza. As you come out of the tunnel you are greeted by a 100-foot fountain, the Trasher Memorial Fountain, dedicated to Tom Goodman Thrasher. The trail goes under a foot bridge that connects the Embassy Suites to the VonBraun Center. The walk ends at the Rotary Club plaza that showcases a smaller fountain and a cascading waterfall that flows into Pinhook creek. Overall it was a beautiful day to be outdoors and even more so to be downtown and enjoying one of the very incredible areas are city has to offer. Get your walking shoes, get out and enjoy the view.