You know I woke up the other morning and said, “ Where did November go? Matter of fact where has 2011 gone?” With less then one month to go in the year, can you really put a finger on what all you did in 2011. I try to look back on the year but it just seems to be hidden in a cloud of the unknown. How time Fly’s!!

I came home to a beautiful week in Alabama but knowing, I had left a beautiful week behind me in Arizona. I made the huge discovery that, after all my years of visiting my sister, there are actually a great number of local, as well as, one very well known national park within a short drive from her house. After all these years, who would have thunk??

On my last day I raced out to Tonto National Forest, which covers almost 3 million acres, is the fifth largest forest in the US and has a rich history. The wilderness is best known for Four Peaks Wilderness, Superstition Mountain and the tale of the Lost Dutchman’s mine. Did I mention it was only a 25-minute drive from my sister’s house?

My Brother in law had mentioned a river and a lake. So off I went to catch another beautiful sunset in a rare desert setting. Note to self: “Next time look at a map before you head out. But “NO” I was a man with a mission with no directions but the one instinct … follow the hood of the car and see where it takes me. Luckily for me that gets me through a majority of the hard times.

With little time to spare and on a mission of chasing Arizona sunsets and cacti I raced down the highway. What I leave you with are two of the more memorable captures from that beautiful evenings adventure:

A reflective moment of mountain and river just as I entered the park:

Tonto National Park

And remnant’s of a setting sun as a Saguaro Cactus stands guard over a rising quarter moon:

Saguro Cactus

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