Another beautiful day in the neighborhood! You know in Alabama, when Mother Nature gets it right, she really gets it right. Shuttle Atlantis comes home on Wednesday leaving two flights left in a very storied history of space flight.

Last week I had to make a quick trip driving up to North Carolina and what a beautiful (very long) drive it is on I-40 and then on to NC Hwy 64. There are too many beautiful sites along the trip but one caught my eye as we were passing by on the country road. An abandoned farmstead that has most likely seen a few generations run through the doors of the old home. I have always wondered how does one just up and move out of their home and leave it to the elements until it is laid to rest by deterioration or by “progress”.

When I first moved to Alabama many years ago, I found myself doing allot of in-state road trips and finding these type of dwellings all over. Farmhouses and barns left mostly intact with furniture waiting for it’s final destiny. Today they are few and far between, replaced by multiple dwelling pack so close to each other that you could not imagine how one could stand alone on such a vast piece of property. I always wonder who might had lived there and what stories could be told if the walls could talk.

I found my self once again, for that very brief moment in time, hearing the laughter of the children and the family enjoying another day of life in their, as I tried to capture the essence of what I could only imagine once was. How wonderful might it have been to have lived an unencumbered way of life? It is hard to imagine that anything other than radio may have affected their day.

NC Hwy 158 House

Great things are in store on the horizon. Stay tuned!!!!!

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