As I head back out on the road again and I had the pleasure of spending the first part of my trip in the Outer Banks of North Carolina where the weather was exceptional. That was, until Hurricane Ida picked a path across the southern states, out into the Atlantic and then proceeded to head north.

I left my girlfriend and the Outer Banks on Wednesday trying to keep a level on my anxiety as the weather reports started coming in. A nor’easter of incredible magnitude, now named Nor-Ida, was headed to NC with the potential of 8 – 15 foot swells and expected to threaten most the east coast with heavy rains, huge waves and flooding. Luckily for NC if was not near as bad as originally expected but the beauty of the coastal terrain and the dunes were mostly washed away and life on the islands has been interrupted. Hwy 12 lost a major portion of the 2-lane road stranding traffic and residents north and south of Oregon Inlet. Unfortunately coastal cities in Virginia did not fare as well with extensive damage to costal communities with heavy flooding.

Prior to my departure I spent my last night at the southern tip of Cape Hatteras looking south out over Hatteras Inlet at the setting sunset. You could see, with the dark clouds that a storm was brewing. The attached shot is a panoramic view of the inlet and the first visible sign of Nor-Ida.

Cape Hatteras Storm

With this blog we start a new year of documenting new mis-adventures.

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