As you prepare for the candy invasion of the Year, a very Ghoulish and Howling Monday morning to you all. Halloween is the fourth most popular spending holiday with anticipated projections of 158 million people participating spending over $ 2.6 billion on costumes. Most interesting is the projection that individuals will spend over $ 330 million on pet costumes. Happy Halloween, enjoy yourselves and be safe.

I am finally settling back into Huntsville after being on a six-week photographic journey. If has been awhile since I have spent that much time in airline seats and hotel beds but like a boy scout you just do what ya got to do. Do not get me wrong; it was a far cry from camping and camp grub so do not feel too much sympathy for me! The trip included assignments and workshops in Maine, Mexico, Nevada and Arizona.

At the end of the Vegas workshop I was given the opportunity to take a breather and open up a little headspace by foregoing another airline trip and driving from Las Vegas to Phoenix, which I gladly accepted. I knew the route and I knew that it would provide an opportunity to do a little photography along the way. I have wanted, for quite sometime, to stop in Boulder City and visit with friends Darlene and Jack Medina and this road trip gave me the opportunity to stop and do so. To say the least it was an absolute pleasure to see them and catch up on our former NASA escapades.

One of the most interesting side roads along the way is Route 66 out of Kingman, AZ. Kingman’s claim to fame is hosting a large existing section of the historical Route 66. With the historical significance of the area I had to stop and take in a few of the sites before I got back in the car seat to head south.


Most of the drive, from Kingman is a two-lane highway, US-93 S, which offers stunning vistas of mountain and desert landscapes. I had driven the route last year and was looking forward to stopping along the way to capture some of the sites we passed by. As the day crept away from me I could only wonder what might be in store with the setting sun approaching. It goes without saying that Arizona offers some of the most magnificent sunsets that I have ever had the opportunity to capture and this evening was to be no exception. The setting sun turned out to be a “forest fire” in the sky. It was impossible to leave even though I knew I still had a few miles ahead of me before my journey ended.

As I pulled into my sisters drive way, I took a deep breath and knew that the trip had been a very welcomed journey and a much needed reprieve from flying. ENJOY!!!!!!


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