Good Morning to you all. I would imagine that the majority of you are at home, enjoying your family time and practicing “social distancing”!! As such, I’m hopeful you are still getting your mail forwarded to you.

We are definitely in a time of uncertainty with the anxiety and fear of the Corona Virus pandemic griping the nation and disrupting every aspect of our daily lives. We should all be careful and diligent in helping everyone stay safe and moving beyond this time in the nation’s history, conquering the virus and coming out of it a better people and nation.

Part of the insanity of it all is our in-ability to socialize and adding to that is the awful weather we have been dealing with preventing us from grabbing just a little oasis of space to get outdoors. As luck would have it, on Sunday the skies cleared and the Sun appeared for a few hours offering everyone a little ray of hope and compassion. I had been waiting all week for the sun to appear to have the opportunity to shoot my one and only outdoor job that I still had on the books. Not wanting to waste any of the moment I headed downtown to see if and how others might be embracing the sunlight that provided a “ray of hope”.

Fortunately for those that made it downtown, the city was literally “blooming” with Cherry Trees in all of their majestic glory. People were there to soak up all the rays and breathe a sigh of relief for their brief escape to be outdoors. As I walked around taking in the sights I am not sure if it was me and or the others but there seemed to be an air of anxiety prevailing over us and seemingly making us all cognizant of maintaining our “social distancing”! As much as Huntsville is known for its hospitality and welcoming spirit you could sense there was something amiss.

Given the amount of time I have been away from friends and associates, starring at my computer and the TV screen, I was extremely glad to grab my one true companion and find some honesty and companionship in getting out and capturing whatever beauty I was to find in front of me.

Given that the sun was out for just a short period of time in the scope of what could be a few more weeks or months made the time spent roaming the park even that much more valuable. My passion is capturing beauty, whatever finds it way in front of my camera and Sunday if was our wonderful and beautiful city. It was a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air that gave me hope that we will soon be past this and back to normal. Until then – stay safe!!!!!!!!!