I am not sure who left the door open so Mother Nature could slide in with another cold spell last week but I would love to thank the person who swept her back out the door so we could enjoy the warmth and beauty of the weekend. And what a spectacular weekend it was!

Anyone that knows me, knows that my most favorite time of the day is at sunset. I have said it many times before that it is my time to stop and reflect and find unity with the world. With all that is going on and the tragedies we are seeing around the world, it is reassuring to know that for a brief moment each day we can take pause and find peace and harmony within our own boundaries.

My moment for pause came this week when the vibrant royal blue of the evening sky found itself so richly compliment by the yellow, magenta and orange hues of the setting sun! It is a moment well worth stopping for and one that I never tire of.

Our prayers and our well wishes go out to those that are dealing with the many hardships and tragedies we have seen the world face with this week.

Huntsville Sunset

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