Good Morning to you all and with coffee in hand I wish you all the best of fortune for the week ahead. It was a stellar week with a few stellar shoots now on the books!!!

As I sat and watched the Beatles 50th celebration last night I could only wonder, like most that watched their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, where have the years gone? Was it 50 years ago that the British Invasion occurred? Along with millions of other individuals around the world I sat in awe as I caught my first glimpse of the Fab Four. In a moment of reflection, I grabbed the family Kodak Instamatic Camera with its unforgettable flashcube and snapped four or five photos of the Mop Top Four from the Black and White TV screen! This is where I would like to say that I was so enlightened by the moment that the “flashcube” went off in my head and my photographic career was born. Unfortunately the best I can I offer is, like most, I was left in awe of that evening and their appearance. Little did we all know what impact they would have own our lives and that 50 years later we would be celebrating the greatest band in musical history. I found that photo a few years back and have stored it “somewhere” for safekeeping.

As I watched the celebration this evening, I grabbed my iPhone 5 and proceeded to attempt to recapture that moment in time. I would like to say it was a huge success but I am pretty sure it did not measure up to that moment 50 years ago or those few photographs taken with my little Kodak Instamatic film camera.


I reflect back on all of this because, as a child, I grew up in a very musical family and music has always been a very important and gratifying part of my life. This past weekend I attended an event at the brewery, Straight to Ale, where four local musicians hosted a songwriter’s night. Now it would foolish to make any comparison to the Fab Four and these musicians but I cannot help but think what an influence the Beatles may have had on each of them and how they have followed their musical aspirations for most of their adult lives. It would be easy to say that most every musician both young and old, has been influenced in one way or another by the Beatles.

I could not help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment for the four individuals playing, that I call friends, and there passion for what they do. They may not be the Beatles but in one way or another their friendship and their musical accomplishment have had an influence on my life. Like the Beatles, I owe these four men a debt of gratitude for the musical passion they have shared with me and how they continue to share it with us all. Many thanks to Microwave Dave Gallaher, Charlie Howell, Alan Little and Jim Cavender for their incredible talent, their passion for their art and for the exceptional show they put on Saturday evening.

It is with sincere gratitude that I offer a standing ovation to each and everyone!!!!! All I want to do is “Twist and Shout” down “The Long and Winding Road!” ENJOY!!!!


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“Have iPhone, will iTravel!!”

Best Regards …..