Good Morning to you from the frozen tundra of Huntsville, Al. Well actually not frozen but the last few days would give you reason to believe that we are in for a cold long winter in the south.

Today is a day of celebration, a holiday for most but more importantly a day of reflection and remembrance. We, as a nation, have chosen today to honor one mans’ ideals and accomplishments in moving our nation forward and helping mold our consciousness. Today we honor Martin Luther King for what potential he saw in us as a nation and for his beliefs and convictions in attempting to change the climate of our nation. Baby Boomers know what influence he displayed in opening our eyes to Civil Rights and most all of us know where we were when his voice was taken from us. Today, is a day of honor and celebration.

In giving thought to a photo that might be reflective for today, I thought back to image I shot years ago for an assignment for a magazine. I was tasked to shoot four aspiring African-American artists from Huntsville, AL. I met with the artists and realized the only way to accomplish the goal was to find a way to incorporate them with their art. One of my prized images from that shoot was a photo of artist Burt Corbin and his painting, “TV Room”! My vision was to make Burt part of his painting and do so “Back in the day of  FILM! As time has progressed, the photograph has become one of the  iconic pieces in my corporate art collection and conveys (in my mind)  a message of unity, hope and compassion.

It is the message that MLK was all about.


Best Regards …..All the Best in 2014!!!!