Back in Huntsville and I am looking forward to another week in the neighborhood jammed pack with client shoots. Congratulations to NASA for yet another successful shuttle launch on Friday, the potential last flight for the shuttle Atlantis.

Could there be anything more gratifying than surprising your mother with an unannounced visit on Mothers Day? On that weekend, I flew home to Tampa to do just that. I took a cab from the airport and rolled up “under the radar” to the old house that I grew up in. I knocked on the door and as the door opened you could see it in my mothers’ eyes! It was as if she thought she was dreaming except this time when she woke, I was still standing there. What an extra special moment it was. I do not get home as often as I would like but I really felt the need to make this weekend special for my mom.

With all of the many wonderful reasons to come home, it is the special memories that are awakened by seeing the house where I grew up that I look forward to the most. What never ceases to amaze me are the tress that my Dad planted when we moved in and to see how they have grown. As a kid I thought they were big but how those old oaks dwarf the house now.

But what caught my eye this visit was a swing in the back yard that my dad built when I was a child. I sat in that old swing with my mother during those wonderful early years, catching up on what I did in school each day. She never failed to ask me every detail about my day. What fond memories that old swing holds and how wonderful to still have my mother to share those memories with. The old oak tree stands tall over the swing these days as if to say, “I will always be here as a guardian of those memories.”

Tampa Swing

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