You just never know what to expect from the weather living in the south. The only thing we did not get to experience last week was a snowfall. Barring any unforeseen elements, hopefully nothing of that nature will occur this week.

It was a very tough week for the Midwest and the South and I am sure like most, our thoughts and prayers go out to those that were affected most by the tornadoes. The fury of Mother Nature!

The one thing about Mother Nature, she has a way of throwing every thing she can at us and then, showing us her softer gentler side. While traversing through last weeks’ temperatures of highs and lows and dodging all kinds of inclement weather, she did find time to stop and let us catch our breath. And in that moment, she amazed us with her splendid beauty. Such was the case Tuesday evening on the tail end of a rain drenched Monday. When I saw the clouds forming late in the afternoon I realized that we were potentially in for one incredible sunset. And true to the point, it did not disappoint! ENJOY!

Hsv Sunset

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