Happy Monday and Happy New Year. It goes without saying today is the biggest day in college football, Alabama vs. Clemson in the College Football National Championship game. Alabama-Clemson IV kicks off tonight with Alabama leading 2-1 over a four-year Championship drive rivalry. Roll Tide Roll!

I am finally home after an extended holiday trip to Arizona and California for my annual visit with family and friends. This trip was extra special this year while getting to spend some extra special time with my nieces and nephews, meeting and making new friends in Arizona and getting to see dear friends in SoCal. The greatest news was hearing that my best friends wife Nancie was diagnosed cancer free. 2018 ended on a great note!

I closed 2018 like I have done so many years in the past, in San Diego on Coronado Island celebrating New Years Eve with my dear friends, Renee, Dana and Diana. New Years day was spent watching college football and enjoying all the fun, food and libations that a game day has to offer. On my last day on the island, Renee and I took a day trip down to Border Field State Park that sits directly on the US border between San Diego and Tijuana.

With all the discussion lately on border security and the border wall, I must say it was extremely daunting to come face to face with the wall on the most western border literally extending itself into the Pacific Ocean. On the other hand, it was amazing to see the frail nature of the wall that separates us from Mexico and guarded by a few Boarder patrol cars and a helicopter that hovers overhead.

The wall extends as far east as the eye can see and as you approach it, you see people on the other side enjoying life in the outdoors just as you see people enjoying the beaches on the US side. As you approach, you do feel a sense of a guarded hesitation and the sight on the border patrol vehicle confirms that.

There is no doubt that our future will require stronger border security and as the sunset set in the Pacific over the Coronado Islands I could not help but contemplate what that future is going to look like. I hope it is filled with respect and compassion. Happy 2019 to you all!