Good Morning from the great state of Texas. Luckily for me I had to fly to Amarillo and was able to avoid the issue with Hurricane Harvey. Unfortunately there are a lot of individuals in south Texas that were not so fortunate. Hurricane Harvey came ashore as a category 4 storm on Saturday and there has been severe devastation of property and some loss of life. 

I was asked some months back by a friend and fellow artist BB Sconyers to come to Amarillo to photograph her art and assist her with some direction on how to present and market it on-line. She is an abstract painter whom I knew from years back. It was great catching up with her after all these years. Once we finished the task, she graciously offered to be a tour guide for me for my virgin voyage to Amarillo and take me to some of the memorable tourist spots in and out the city. One of the initial favorite spots we ventured to was the arts and entertainment district that runs along the famous Route 66. As you transverse the US there are still small pockets left of the historic route.  She took me to a fabulous Mexican restaurant called Braceros which she indicated was world famous for its food!  I was not disappointed, It was “muy bueno”!

On Sunday we headed out to do some real site seeing to two famous locations, the Palo Duro Canyon and an eclectic art installation that sits in middle of a corm field called the Cadillac Ranch. Palo Duro is located on the panhandle of Texas and is part of the Caprock Escarpment canyon system. It was formed by the Prairie Dog Town Fork of the Red River and is the second largest canyon in the US extending for almost 120 miles and is at its maximum over 20 miles wide. It was extremely impressive to drive from Amarillo where most of the trip is flat land and come across this vast and beautiful cave-onerous art scape. Never having been to the Grand Canyon, I must say Palo Duro was an exceptional substitute with a view of monumental proportions. 

Once we finished the tour of the state park, which is truly a majestic work of natural art we headed back to Amarillo to view what has become a signature must see man made work of art, the art installation of 10 cadillac’s titled Cadillac Ranch. The installation currently sits on a farm out in the middle of a corn field and you would surely have to have some previous knowledge of the location to find it. The art installation was completed in 1974 and was the brainchild of artists Chip Lord, Doug Micheals and Hudson Marquez who were part of the alternative art group titled Ant Farm. The art consists of 10 cadillac’s manufactured from 1949-1963 half buried nose down. The property where the installation sits is owned by the eccentric Texas millionaire, Stanley Marsh. The cars were originally painted by the 3 artists but are now altered on a daily basis by locals with spray cans creating their own brand of graffiti art. Unfortunately most of the paint cans are being left behind as litter. The art installation was all it was advertised to be.

I must say it was a great first visit to Amarillo and I will have to make another visit our this way. Please keep all the residents of south Texas that have been affected Hurricane Henry in your thoughts and prayers.