Hello and a happy Monday morning. The HEAT is on!!!!! I think summer has arrived.

Yesterday, I was part of the second annual Microwave Dave Day. I am very proud to say that I was the Chairman for this years’ event and it was an exception day with all the “community” of people that came out to honor this man who has given so much to this city. Who would have thought that one year ago a group of Huntsville music lover’s potential of hosting a day to honor our very own blues icon, Mr. Microwave Dave? Not only did it happen in 201, with Mayor Tommy Battle declaring Microwave Dave Day for the city, but fast-forward to 2016 and here we were hosting the 2nd Annual Microwave Dave Day.


We had an incredible event yesterday with an exceptional group of local musicians and a few hidden surprises along the way. We had the opportunity to honor a local musician and a local educator for their significant contributions to furthering music education in North Alabama. The day was filled with un-believable music with an exceptional line-up of local musicians.  The evening finished with a stirring crescendo from a super group of local musicians and then Microwave Dave and the Nukes taking the stage to finish the evening with their own brand of “Getting NUKED!”


Like last year, it was a task with monumental tasks and responsibilities and a day like yesterday could not be accomplished without all the support of  a very passionate and dedicated committee, the volunteers give their heart and soul, the sponsors that donate so generously to the cause but most importantly the fans that come out to hear the music and contribute to the cause.  As I said in the a post, “I liken the event planning process to giving birth. 9 months of labor, one day of pain and joy, then you wake up the next morning wondering if it all really happened. Well the aches and pains from the day before let you know it was real!!!!!!!!!!!”

After last years event we realized that there was more to the picture than just a concert, something that may be bigger than us all. So we decided to do something and choose a path that would allow us to continue Dave’s passion and vision of fostering music education in the classrooms. So a foundation was formed to assist him with that passion, the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation. Proceeds from the Microwave Dave Day will be used to fund the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation, whose mission is to enhance the quality of life in our community through music education. In its first year, the foundation has been successful in partnering with area educators to host several well-received installments of its flagship “Concerts in the Classroom” program, an initiative that facilitates musical performances by accomplished local musicians in a classroom environment. To find out more about the foundation and how you can be part of it, check us out at – www.mircowavedaymef.org.

As Dave would say, “I am a Road Runner Baby – Beep Beep!”


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