Cadenas d’Amour

A very Happy Monday morning to you all. I hope you were able to get out and enjoy the wonderful hot weekend! Last week was a very busy week for me with two big events sharing the spotlight. I was very honored to share the art stage with artist Carole Foret for our third exhibition [...]

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The Beauty of ART

Greetings and a very happy Monday morning to you all! It was a very hot and muggy weekend in Huntsville but the rains stayed away finally allowing most of us to get out and about and enjoy the weekend. It was a very busy week for me last week with a heavy load of corporate [...]

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4th of July

Hello and a very happy Monday morning to you all! The weather has not been very cooperative over the past week and with the 4th of July on a Wednesday put a slight damper on travel plans for most that do travel to celebrate the holiday. Lucky for us the weather in Huntsville was cooperative [...]

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A Walk in Paris

Good Day and a very happy 4th of July week to you all. I am attempting to get back on track for my weekly blog but it appears that my trip to France to photograph a wedding for a dear friend of mine has me still trying to get back on solid ground and my [...]

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Microwave Dave Day

Good morning and Greetings to you all. My sincere apologies for the delay in getting my blog out to you and please forgive me for the lack of not providing my blog a week ago. It is the first time since the inception of my blog that I have not produced one during the week. [...]

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Music Education

Greetings and a very happy Monday to you all. I’m headed out on a little journey for the next week and a half so I am going to wish you all well and I will see you on the backside. Parlez-vous français? This week an international music group hosted numerous public forums for musicians, venue owners [...]

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Lowell Americana

A very happy Monday morning to you all! I trust you dodged the rainstorms and found a few rays of sunshine to brighten your weekend! As I mentioned in my blog last week, I had traveled to Arizona to attend my great nephew’s, Michael Wajszczuk Hughes, high school graduation. On one of my free days [...]

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The House of Windsor

A very good Monday morning to you! Last weekend was a half and half weekend, a great Saturday with record high temps and then a deluge on Sunday. At least the Queen ordered up a perfect day for a “Royal Wedding”. Watching highlights from the wedding brought back very fond memories of my 2013 trip [...]

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Mother’s Day

A very good Monday morning to you. Happy belated Mothers Day to all the wonderful women that we celebrate on this day. I hope yours was a wonderful day spent with family. Mothers Day was first celebrated in the U.S. in 1908 through the efforts of Anna Jarvis in honor of her mother, Ann Reeves [...]

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Huntsville Greenways

A very happy Monday morning to you all. We have had two consecutive weekends with scheduled festivals in downtown Huntsville where the weather cooperated to allow both to take place. Panoply Arts festival was finally blessed with an exceptional weekend for sun and fun and Whistle Stop, with threatening rains on Saturday, was blessed with [...]

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Panoply 2018

A very happy Monday morning to you all. What an absolutely beautiful weekend we had in Huntsville. It was so amazingly good and so unlike any we have experienced in the past few years on Panoply Arts festival weekend. Panoply weekend for so many years has been best known for extreme weather and this weekend [...]

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Paddle the Canal

A very happy and wet Monday morning to you all. Just when you thought it was safe to go outside and boom … where is your umbrella? The weather prediction for the weekend was looking lovely after a truly amazing day on Saturday. But then Mother Nature decided to throw us another curve and brought [...]

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Rover Cadets

Happy Monday morning! Unfortunately for most of us, the weather did not cooperate and did not offer up an enjoyable outdoor weekend. This past weekend NASA – Marshall Space Flight Center hosted the 24th annual “Human Exploration Rover Challenge” at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. Originally titled the “Great Moon Buggy Race", the competition was started in [...]

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